How to Practice Bow Hunting Shots to Kill A Deer

Hunting a deer need skills but with a bow its need patience and hard work and also perfect timing to shoot the bow. Today we’re going to discuss a little bit about arrows a little bit about practice.


Now let’s start with arrows there are so much different to take Easton, for example, the Mack Daddy of arrow production they have in and of themselves have a whole bunch of different types arrows. You have the full metal jackets which are a heavy hard arrow that if you want to force you got it. Then all the way down to just micro shaft arrows that are so thin but yet actually still deliver quite a punch. Because you don’t have that friction and then everything in between the question is why do you want to use each?

I’m just going to talk about just a couple basic things here:

Quick slim diameters shafts are outstandingly good for shooting long distances, particularly when you have the wind and you don’t have that crosswind drag. Now because it’s reduced and shouldn’t
say you don’t have it you have it but it is drastically reduced because the diameter is much smaller. The smaller the diameter the less surface area the less, the surface area the less it’s going to be impacted by winds. And with you’re heavier arrows and I should say before we move on the other advantage this the very small diameter shaft has is that it doesn’t have the friction. When it’s penetrating you know it’s smaller than the head itself considerably so you don’t have that drag you tend to get increased penetration. When you’re going after a big game you need a heavy air or that heavier gives you kinetic energy that kinetic energy helps you go through that shoulder blade or break that rib that’s the size of your forearm.

QUICK TIP: If you really want to become a professional hunter then before you go to hunting make sure your equipment are good like make sure you have the best bow, you have best red dot sight and etc..

Big game:

Now on a really big game, you match the arrow to the type of hunting that you’re going to do. And then match the practice techniques you’re going to use. If you’re going to hunt out of ground blinds practice and if you don’t odds are a lot higher that you’re going to hit the bottom of that window. By practicing out of ground blinds you understand the orientation for the chair to get that shot in the area. That you want it so you can place that chair like that you can be set up so much better when you understand what it’s like to shoot out of a ground blind. If you’re hunting on a tree stands practice out of tree stands that way you remember to bend at the waist. an Olympic Archer once gave me the best shooting tip I ever had and that’s picture a straight line from your bow hand on through your release through your elbow you keep that line straight now picture an imaginary parallel line across your chest you can twist and contort your body in any way imaginable as long as those two lines stay parallel. Or you get in trouble is when you do this because now the straight line anymore and it’s not parallel okay everything needs to be done at the waist.
how do you make it so that you don’t have to think about that when it comes in you do it by practicing from tree stands practicing bending at the waist every time you know one of the things I do when I’m first starting out practicing from tree stands for the years I’ll pretend that that stands is parallel on the same plane as I am or the target I’ll come to full draw bend
exclusively at the waist down to that target.

Practices tips:

So now I know my form is good I’ll do that for a couple weeks before I start coming to full draw like that. And then lastly practice in the conditions that you are going to be hunting in if you’re going to hunt in low-light conditions practice in low-light conditions. If you’re ever going to hunt with a stiff breeze practice with the stiff breeze. We’re going to hunt in the rain practice in the rain. by practicing in those conditions you can now predict how they are going to impact air flight without practicing in them you do not know and a finally practice long distances no matter what your max ethical shooting ranges. At least double it you know it is amazing how well modern archery equipment works and how good I practice out to a hundred yards. every single year routinely to a hundred as mayor of fact I practice from fifty to a hundred far more than I do from 40 on in. because when you practice at those long distances it makes sure that your form is perfect or you are not shooting well your equipment has to be tuned or it will show up and man after shooting four or five hundred arrows on a hundred yards the 30 air shot it seems like candy hunting big.

These are my tips for hunting with a bow.




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