How to Hunt From a Box Blind

If you hunt from a box blind, here are some tips that will help you be more successful.

The first thing I want to point out is the rifle is unloaded. Gun safety is Paramount never have your rifle loaded until you’re ready to hunt or not ready to hunt yet. If you’re right-handed shooter make sure you sit on the right-hand side of a blind. Left-Handed Shooters always placed on the left side of the blind. I recommend you always store the rifle in the corner with a muzzle up to prevent any dirt from getting in the muzzle. Get your windows set. Once your windows are set. I’ll show you the reason why you have your right-hand shooter on the right side of the blind, and left-hand shooter left-hand side of the blind. The right-hand shooter puts his rifle out, and he has a dead rest because his elbow is up on the other window which allows you to form a triangle and have a much more steady rest. If a left-handed shooter is on the right-hand side of the blind and he goes to shoot you can you see my elbow is up in the air and although I could probably make a shot I don’t have near as steady of a shot?

Always make sure when you go to the blinds in the dark that you know where your blind is that way you can get in and out without making a lot of noise. If you are shooting a variable power scope, you always want to make sure and have your power the scope down low, that will give you more like Gathering capability. As it gets brighter during the morning, you can turn your power up. Start with the power low I will see a whole lot better.
Now once you load your rifle, always make sure and put it on safety. It amazes me how many Hunters have hunters through years; they don’t believe they need to put it on safety when they get into the blind because they’re not to have an accident they are safe. Always load your rifle when it the safe Direction and put the safety on.

Alright, I’m going to tell you one thing I’ve noticed a lot of hunters found to do when they get the stand, and they take a shot.They will rest their Barrel on the window to take the shot. That is not what you want to do. Always rest your rifle on the stock that way your rifle is going to shoot more accurately.

One thing I feel is that when you get on the stand, you have to make sure the chair that you are hunting on the chair its height is right for you. If the chair in not at right height get one that is. If you’re already on the stand and you are too low to shoot. It often happens for kids or with people with short height. I tell people to do is stand up and cross your legs up underneath you and then sit back down, it’ll raise up 5 or 6 inches till they have little bit better option you shoot out the window well. When you get in your blind, always know your limitations know the area, that you can take a nice shot at knowing your distance. Now you know your range to shoot.

Once the shot is made, I encourage people to do, is always pay attention to exactly the spot the deer was standing in, and exactly where he runs. Many times depending upon when you hit the animal there may not be much blood. And it will be imperative to be able to understand where that deer was standing and where that deer took off that will enable you to find a blood trail and be able to find your animal. Hope you found some of these tips helpful.

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