How to Build your Personal Brand on Instagram

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat etc. But, Instagram is being the most popular because of its exclusive photo sharing feature. There are more than 300 million users with more than 5 billion images shared on Instagram proves its popularity.

Nowadays, market brands as well as people, are using this platform for their personal branding and they are doing awesome. Now, the question is how to build a personal brand on Instagram? How people are acing it and what steps we should follow to build our personal brand on Instagram?

Here are some proven tips:


Work on a specific niche:

First of all, you need to find out the reason that why you are building a brand. That will give you a specific bottom line for your reason to work on a targeted niche. If you are posting a different kind of things on Instagram, your followers will lose interest and they wouldn’t come back at your posts. So, by using the same hashtags you can make them keep visiting your Instagram account or by asking the SEO Scholor to get the specific niche followers.

Always bring something unique for your followers:

All those brands which are unique in their product features, services or any kind of uniqueness they have are the most popular and successful brands on Instagram as well as on other social media platforms.

Those personal brands who share some controversial topics with a relaxed note as well get more people reach and engagement. For that, your feed on that post must show a glimpse of your life. And don’t try to share your posts just for likes and comments.

Keep posting on regular basis:

If you want to increase your posts’ reach then you must be active on your Instagram on regular basis. People will only come back to your posts when they will see something coming from your side on regular basis. Otherwise, you will lose the audience interest which you won’t want to, so keep posting and be consistent in it.


Pair Up with some already known brand names:

When you have done all the above things, then this is the time when you should pair up with someone who is already at the point where you want to be as a brand on Instagram. It really helps to boost up your brand identity and increases your followers on your personal brand.



Personal branding is no more a myth now with these amazing social media platforms. But, there are some methods involved which can help you to build your personal brand on Instagram. If you follow above-mentioned step by step tips you will also be in the list of those people who have their own personal brands on social media.


How can We Use Instagram to grow our business sales

If you are wondering that how you can use Instagram to promote your business and maximize the sales, or even how Instagram can help out with your marketing strategies at all?

If so, then you must read these following methods:

The study shows that around 70% of Instagram users looked into any brand on the platform, which means that People love to buy online when they see any brand on Instagram. so pay for followers Instagram to your marketing so you have big community.

  1. Share Attractive and Attention Grabbing Images

Instagram is a Photo-Sharing social media platform and all it will start to create some eye-catching images. These images you would share on your Instagram need to attention grabbing, attractive and creative. For that you have to:

  • Use the right Size and Resolution
  • Use those Images that are unique and tell a story
  • Use those colors that represent your Brand

You don’t need to be a very professional photographer to create such images to share so, don’t worry about it. Many online photo editing tools are available which would reduce this hustle.

  1. Sell Product Experience that Customers have

First of all, it’s not usually your product that sells itself but, the experience your customer has about your product. So, sell that experience, not your product to your potential customers.

For that, share your customer’s experience after using your product, how?

  • How it feels after using your product?
  • Does your product spark joy?
  • Does your product evoke reflection?
  • Does your product inspire?

Sharing these reviews from the clients about your products will attract more customers.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags to Stand Out

Using relevant hashtags help people find out your brand’s products from the crowd. By using right hashtags you can reach the right audience which can expand your reach and maximize your sales.

Here are few things to consider while using hashtags:

  • Latest trends relevant to your brand
  • Try to overcome your competitors
  • Relevant to your products and services

You can use different tools to find out relevant hashtags for your products to be shared on your Instagram.

  1. Partner Up and Shout-Outs

Reach out to those influential people on Instagram who use your products and ask them to share your Instagram posts to their profile. As well as, you can ask them to shout-out your brand name in their posts and videos because, people relate to other people while going for shopping.

People buy the products which they see others people are buying. For example, they see your brand many other people are using then, they will surely open their wallets for your brand.

  1. Use Sales-Boosting Apps to Streamline your Sales

This is something amazing I’m going to share that now you can attach your Instagram account to some sales-boosting apps that provide single-click sales point. These apps like “Soldsie” and “Spreesy” makes very easy for your customers to shop from your Instagram.



These were the 5 easy and effective sales tactics for your Instagram account which can engage your audience to increase more traffic to your e-commerce store and sales.